Saturday, July 17, 2010


wow... so I haven't updated in a LONG time!! so here we go! hopefully over the next few days I will update what I have been working on. I finished up my coursework at SFASU and am just waiting patiently until August to receive my diploma. A week after graduation I am getting married! woo!!!! Since I am planning for my wedding, I have been really inspired by wedding invitations and creative designs. Possible career? That would be awesome! Let me know if you are interested in custom wedding invites! I have looked around in stores and can't tell you how disappointed I am in the designs. So hopefully I could change this. The invite contains an invitation, map, and postcard RSVP card all held together by a yellow wrap that I designed. I wanted it to be fun, contemporary, typography focused and light-hearted. Let me know what ya think.


  1. I got mine in the mail and LOVED it!! I loved the type, and the colors, and the paper choice... it was really pretty and I am definitely saving it!!